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What Is Poker Ghosting and Why You Should Avoid It

  What Is Poker Ghosting and Why You Should Avoid It Many cheating scandals have come to light over time, some of which most likely stayed undiscovered for a very long time. Over time, the definition of what constitutes cheating in poker has also undergone significant modification, particularly with the advent of internet poker. In live games, the rule of one player per hand has long been well established, but internet poker has created new avenues for players to collaborate covertly.  READ MORE >>> In fact, in the early days of online poker, it was commonplace to play with friends, share accounts, and ask for aid when needed. These practices were rarely questioned. The poker community realized that this might seriously harm all parties involved as online poker gained popularity and the number of games increased. In this regard, one idea that truly stands out is ghosting in poker—a phenomenon that has recently come under close examination. What precisely is ghosting in poker,